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Ideas to lichess

I have made a blog post on lichess and i hope you can check it out and maybe like it. Here are the link:

I wil write it here too:

I know, something are copied from

So first of all i am gonna make a list of what i think could be cool things to add in Lichess then i am going to go deeper into the themes. 1. Bughouse 2. Profile pictures 3. Lobby in the app 4. Arena titles( ACM, AFM, AIM, AGM) 5. Bring back followers Bughouse So Bughouse would be so cool to have in Lichess. You can play with your friends if you want and also with randoms of course. It can also be a leaderboard in Bughouse to. ( I know that Bughouse are in Profile pictures This is also in so why not Lichess? You can have a picture of yourself or your friends. You could also have a picture of a chessdiagram. Now if you want to show other people a picture, they need to go into your profile. Someone don't want to use their time to check other profiles. Lobby in the app When i play in the app i see it very annoying that it's not a lobby. So if a want to play for example 30 sec variant,( i play that alot) i search in one variant and wait until i get a game and that takes very long time. But if you are playing on the internet and searching for a variant 30 sec, you can also see if some other are doing that, but in another variant. Arena titles I have seen someone who have in AGM in front of their name. It takes letters in your name so your name gets shorter. It is also cool to have a title on the internet. Bring back followers I know a lot of you want to bring followers back and i agree. Followers gives us a bigger social network. I also think it's no reason to delete them. This is my first blog post so i hope you think it's good. Also if you want to, i would appreciate it if you could give it a like and give me feedback. Thank you

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